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Welcome to the Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association (SCRRBA) website!  We are a volunteer organization providing coordination of a number of heavily utilized amateur radio frequency bands in Southern California.  SCRRBA is a member of the National Frequency Coordinators' Council (NFCC).

Our Goal

To provide frequency coordination and achieve solutions to problems on the 29, 51, 420, 902, 1240MHz, and microwave frequency amateur bands in the Southern California area.  SCRRBA has provided frequency coordination of these activities since 1970.  We actively participate in the numerous Federal Communications Commission rule making proceedings pertinent to our activities.

SCRRBA maintains over 2,400 frequency coordination records.  These data represent the activities of approximately 600 relay type amateur radio systems constructed by our members.  Most of these systems operate on the UHF (420MHz) and higher amateur frequency bands.


Contact Information

We no longer accept coordination-related documents through the US mail and our post office box is now closed.  You can contact using any of the email addresses below.  When requesting coordination for a new system, please see our forms elsewhere on this website.  Scan and email all the necessary documents to the appropriate email address.  Feel free to email us to check status on your filings, or for questions regarding a specific coordination.  If you would like to update your contact information (new mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.) contact our administrative office using the email address below.  If you need to send us US mail for business related issues ONLY, you can contact us at:

427 East 17th Street #F180
Costa Mesa, CA.  92627

This US mail address is for BUSINESS RELATED ISSUES ONLY!
Coordination issues are handled by EMAIL ONLY!


Email Addresses
6m or 10m Questions: 10and6 AT
440-450MHz Questions: 20kHz AT
420-440MHz Questions: 420 AT
902-928MHz Questions: 902 AT
1240-1300MHz Questions: w6org AT
Amateur Television Questions: w6org AT
Administrative Issues: AT  (use 'system' or personal callsign in subject)


Last modified: October 15, 2022