33cm Band Plan



To All Amateurs who have received 33cm coordination prior to December 7, 1989 -

Please refer closely to the enclosed new 33cm band plan for Southern California.  All traditional FM repeater and link operations will be conducted in two 900kHz segments spaced 25MHz apart.  Look closely at the notes regarding items (1) and (7) in the band plan.  Amateur FM operations will have many of the same technical standards as Part 90 (Land Mobile Service) at 900MHz.

1) Emission 13K6F3E +/-2.5kHz Maximum Deviation
  3kHz Highest Applied Audio Frequency
  12.5kHz Channel Spacing
  More high frequency rolloff in the transmitter splatter filter

Due to interference potential, no links will be coordinated directly between established communication sites.  Links will need to be a minimum 2-hop configuration with a ground site in the middle.  Channels will be coordinated using 12.5kHz spacing from the start of new coordination.  After frequency grant, a 12-month period will be available to locate your equipment at the site specified in your coordination.  SCRRBA will verify the "on the air" condition of your equipment after 12 months.  Until channel pairs become in short supply, extensions of the 12-month period will be possible.

Please refer to your existing coordination when a new RFC is completed and sent to SCRRBA for an assignment under the new 33cm band plan.

Via the more demanding technical standards, more amateur groups will be able to conduct operations at 33cm in the crowded Southern California region, especially with an eye to future years.

Dave, WA6UZS

Member, Technical Committee, SCRRBA


Last modified: November 08, 2003