Meeting Notice - October 2009


Meeting Notice

Saturday October 17, 2009

There will be a general SCRRBA membership meeting on

The meeting will start at 10AM.

Check-in time is between 10AM and 11AM ONLY!  The meeting will
immediately follow the 220SMA General Meeting.

If you have any channels in the 420-439MHz segment, please bring a one-page system block diagram showing those channels that you have operating.  Include frequencies, PL or DPL tones, location and link destination.  Be sure to have your call and the system call(s) on the diagram.  Date the diagram and include a contact method on the page too.  DO NOT make it un-necessarily complex.  Turn this in when you check in.

Among other things, please be prepared to vote on additions to the 900MHz band plan (see chart below):


The 2009 SCRRBA General Meeting will take place on Saturday October 17th in the Galileo Hall at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA.  This Google Map shows the area around the college.

This campus map shows the location of the Galileo Hall at the West end of the campus (left side of map).

To get to Harvey Mudd College, take I-210 East or the 57 North to the 210 East.  Exit at Towne Avenue and go South to Foothill Blvd.  Turn left (head East) on Foothill Blvd about 1.3 miles to Dartmouth Road.

Alternatively, take I-10 to Indian Hill Blvd., go North to Foothill Blvd., and travel East just less than a mile just past Dartmouth Rd.

Head East past Dartmouth Road on Foothill Blvd.  Enter the first driveway on your right about 100 feet from the intersection of Dartmouth and Foothill.

Walk southward toward Galileo Hall, which is a below ground area, and enter from the East side of the five story library (the building with the 40 and 20 meter beams).

Be sure that you either show up or send a qualified representative. You or your representative will speak and listen for the interests of you, the "coordinee", and your systemsí members.  You or your representative will need to be willing to both express yourselves, and to bring back to all of your system members a report on the meeting.


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