Open 900MHz Repeaters


Southern California Open 900MHz FM Voice Repeaters
Last Updated 9/17/2012

The following is a list of open 33cm FM voice repeaters in the Southern California region.  Open repeaters are operated by individuals and clubs for the benefit of all radio amateurs.  Since they are classified as "open", no prior authorization or permission is necessary before using these repeaters.

At the specific request of each stations trustee, the following stations have been coordinated as open public use repeaters.

There is a great deal of other coordinated activity in this sub band.  This list is of open public use repeaters only.  Open public use repeaters are so coordinated at the specific request of the system coordinee/trustee.  This list does not include closed/private systems, and is NOT at all indicative of the total coordinated activity in this region

All repeater inputs are -25MHz in this band.

New repeaters (since last update) are shown with gray background.

Frequency (MHz)

PL (Hz) Callsign Location
927.1375 DPL 411 N6EX Signal Peak - Orange County
927.1500 114.8Hz WA6DVG Sierra Madre
927.1750 123.0Hz KD6WLY South Orange County
927.2250 123.0Hz N6LXX Blue Ridge
927.2500 114.8Hz WA6DVG Mt. Wilson
927.2750 103.5Hz W6DEK Hollywood Hills
927.3250 114.8Hz K6PQN Upland (SW San Bernardino County)
927.3375 151.4Hz WA6OSB Mt. Otay
927.3750 114.8Hz WB6FYR Hauser Peak
927.3875 151.4Hz K6XI Black Mtn - San Diego
927.4625 131.8Hz KG6MNB Santa Barbara - UCSB
927.4750 DPL 532 N6LXX Phelan
927.5375 DPL 606 KE6YRU Palomar Mtn
927.5500 123.0Hz N6LXX Sunset Ridge
927.5625 123.0Hz N6LXX Mt. Harvard
927.5750 151.4Hz N6LXX Mt. San Miguel
927.5875 131.8Hz N6LXX Oat Mtn
927.6125 151.4Hz K6DLP Sunset Ridge
927.6250 DPL 411 WA6CGR Santa Anita Ridge
927.6625 DPL 606 K6LRB Palos Verdes
927.7250 DPL 411 WA6CGR Cub Peak - Tehachapi
927.6875 DPL 606 K6LRB Palos Verdes
927.8375 162.2Hz WS6RG Woodland Hills
927.8750 103.5Hz WB6ZTQ Red Mtn - Ventura County
927.9375 DPL 311 KR6AL Catalina Island
927.9625 100.0Hz W6DMV Pasadena
927.9750 100.0Hz W6NWG Palomar Mtn
927.9750 103.5Hz N6VGU Mt. Lukens
927.9875 114.8Hz N6RTR Flash II - Barstow


Last modified: August 18, 2016