Your Own Repeater


Frequency coordination is a way to minimize interference among stations while maximizing use of the limited radio spectrum available to the Amateur Radio Service by planning what specific frequency or frequencies a given station will operate on in a specific region.

SCRRBA's primary purpose is to coordinate the activities on the 29, 51, 420, 902, 1240MHz, and microwave frequency bands in the Southern California area.  The region coordinated by SCRRBA typically extends from the Mexican border at the South, to the Arizona border out East, to the Pacific Ocean at the West and to a line drawn roughly from the Tehachapi Mountains West to the Pacific Ocean just North of Vandenburg Air Force Base at the North.

Generally, an applicant will file a Request For Coordination (RFC) form asking for coordination on one of the above bands.  SCRRBA uses band plans, that have been generated and revised at various band planning meetings over the years, and databases to find a suitable frequency for a new applicant.

Certified, registered, or delivery signature mail will not be accepted at our post office box.  If you need a special written delivery receipt, include a SASE/SASP (Self Addressed Stamped Postcard).  You may also email us after submitting paperwork to the post office box and ask for confirmation of receipt.  You may also file your paperwork solely by email (PDFs).

We regularly communicate with coordinators in the areas adjacent to our own in order to prevent harmful interference to coordinated activity in those areas (and vise versa).

Perhaps you've been using various repeaters and maybe you've even been on a service trip or two with the repeater owner.  It sure seems like a lot of fun to have your own repeater so you want to know what the process is.  Click on "Your Own Repeater" at the left to get started.



Last modified: December 28, 2007