Written Co-Sharing Agreement...

An applicant desiring to co-channel with an existing coordination within the coordinees coordinated service area must contact the coordinee and work out a written sharing agreement. This agreement MUST, AT MINIMUM, contain the following:

bulletSpecify the location and power level of ALL repeaters/remotes to be coordinated to either party.
bulletContain specific statements regarding use of either system by members of the other system.
bulletDetails of methods of sharing, specifically, how simultaneous traffic is to be handled. (turn off A while B running, turn off B while A is running, times of day, defined areas of accepted interference, etc., are all examples of necessary details).
bulletThe agreement must clearly show that both systems are either open, or private systems. Generally, open systems are not co-channeled with private systems. Should this occur, the open system will NOT be listed as open in any SCRRBA published or approved listings.
bulletIn order for an applicant to change the status of a channel pair to either open or private, the written concurrence of ALL co-channel coordinees within SCRRBAs coordination service area must be obtained.
bulletALL existing coordinees who, in the determination of the SCRRBA technical committee, will be impacted by the proposed operation must concur in writing to the proposal.

SCRRBA will not dictate such an agreement. It MUST be reached by mutual consent and then be presented to SCRRBA. We will review it, and we reserve the right to append certain clarifications to the agreement to avoid future problems. SCRRBA will assist both parties, if requested.


Last modified: September 18, 2008